living room dances, ___.

a series of solo dance films developed in my living room(s) from 2017-present. inspired by baroque-era court dances, these solos are performative & decorative yet deeply intimate, raw, emotionally-charged, and personal. the solo Living Room Dances, 928 was performed live alongside the dance films, TEMPERED and excerpts of MUSIK BOX, from the same collection, in collaboration with CreateART for their installation in the lobby of The Ace Hotel (September 2019).

more from the series living room dances, ___.




WE EVEN is a duet made in collaboration with Tunisian Dance Artist, Haroun Ayari. the collaboration grew from an improvised performance piece the duo premiered for the Jaou Festival Closing Party at Dar Keyna in Sidi Bou Said. the new duet was conceived, rehearsed and premiered in less than 30 days in New York. Ayari and Forte curated and produced the premiere with a space grant from Factory ArtSpace, in Queens, NY (2018 December 01).


SENZA, meaning “without,” in Italian, is a solo that explores the connection between loss, growth, and identity. how who we are, the roles we play, and how we identify ourselves is so often framed around what we have lost. the movement is inspired by the process of a snake shedding its skin; reframing the experience of loss as something that can be celebrated and reveled in. with music by Mozart, this solo premiered for CreateART’s performance series at Gallim Dance Studio in Brooklyn.

unk now ing

created for The Georgian Youth Ambassador’s to the United States event at Gibney Dance in 2017, “A Tribute to George Balanchine”, this solo was selected to represent American Contemporary Modern dance. the work, set to Bach’s, BWV 21: Aria, “Seufzer, Tränen”, like the music explores “sighs, tears, anguish, and trouble”, which are broken up into four parts in the choreography. the performer’s goal is to oscillate between a stoic embodiment and a wildly expressionistic one.

“Your dancing and this piece made me cry.” – Ana Lejava, Former Young Ambassador of Georgia to the USA

PER ivana

a film conceptualized and shot in Venice, Italy in the summer of 2017. dedicated to the inspirational woman and architect who made my journey possible, and filmed in the terrace of a private residence in Dorsoduro. the sound-score comprised of my vocal recordings, signing and humming each note of the octave, compiled and arranged by pianist, Evan Shinners. the movement and editing play with repetitions, multi-tonality, direction changes, and minimalism in its structure. a movement for movement’s sake experience in dialogue with sound.